Romanian tour wrap-up

We’re back from Romania, and that wraps the touring year for us. Maybe at some point I’ll get some stats for the entire 2010 tour, but for the Romania tour, here’s what we did:

– Played 11 shows (plus one ‘unplugged’ session for college students)
– Saw 8 cities
– Drove over 1200 road miles
– Flew 11,000 air miles
– Made hundreds of new friends/fans
– Gave our concert hosts a TON of work to do as they follow up with people who attended our concerts that indicated that they want more contact from their ministries, or who want to talk more about spiritual things.

Our most heartfelt thanks to the Romanian staff who worked so hard to bring us in and plan the tour. And of course, huge thanks to Samy, Adi and Marian (our tour crew – the 3 hardest-working guys in Romania), who had to put up with us night and day for two weeks straight!

Now, we’re taking some down time to wrap up the year (even for a rock band, there’s paperwork). We’ll record some music, and write some more music, and think up more ways to be creative with other people’s music. And Adam will get married here soon…

So, just because we’re off the road for a while, it doesn’t mean we’re not busy! We’ll hopefully get some new music and video stuff up here in the next month or so…

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