Was it something we said?

These last few weeks, we played shows in an inner-city outreach to homeless people, a show for a residential at-risk youth facility, and a few prisons. At many such shows, we’re able to openly share what we believe about our faith, and about 50 or so people in those shows indicated the desire to grow more in their knowledge of God and spiritual things, which we think is great. We LOVE to see results like that. But…

Not every event results in such keen spiritual interest. And of course, we completely understand that not everyone agrees with us. Since we openly invite commentary, we often get it. Of course, we’d never publish any such feedback if it contained anyone’s personal information, but as you can see, this was submitted anonymously.

So, without further ado, here it is – the strangest comment card we’ve ever received. The transcript is below:

“You believe in what you do not see. What is nothing more than a child’s story. Yet, you do not believe in the man next to you. You show no compassion and you shun and condemn him without understanding his side. You place yourself as righteous because you believe a big blue sky will cover all your dirty little secrets and all is forgiven. I don’t forgive you. In fact, I believe you should pay for your sins as I pay for mine. No one can protect you from me. And I promise that I will come for you. You will pay one way or the other.

I am an extension of your greed, pain, hatred, lust, soul. I am DEATH and your time… is almost up.

Enjoy what I have allowed for you to enjoy. It won’t be long now.”

Can’t please everyone, I guess.

Honestly, I’d have really liked to have talked to this person. I’d have liked to have given them opportunity to feel like they were heard. Something tells me that may not always feel that way.

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