Android Version of God Tools Available

December 21, 2010

The long awaited Android app using evangelistic tools produced by Campus Crusade for Christ is finally here! Very similar to the iPhone version of God Tools this app features tools like the Four Spiritual Laws, Connecting with God and Knowing God Personally. Each tools gives a step by step presentation of the gospel and is designed for different audiences. The app also includes a library of questions from, an evangelistic website created for college students, providing answers to those hard questions about God and Christianity.

This release is due to a very busy November for our New Media Labs team. We hosted 2 interns, Tom and Harro, skilled programmers working with CCCI Australia and a past Keynote summer project student, Chris. Due to the hours of programing and collaboration between Chris, Tom, Harro, and New Media Labs, the Android version of God Tools has arrived. We are still working on other versions (for Blackberry, Windows Mobile, and Symbian) and looking to release updates in the coming months.

One of the hopes of the November programing time was to take God Tools around the world. Versions of “Knowing God Personally” and “Satisfied” are in the works that will be easy to translate into different languages.  It’s amazing to see how God has progressed the huge vision of releasing God Tools in every language into an achievable goal! This isn’t just a fun, cool idea but really a solution that reduces the time and money it would take to release paper versions of these tools to every language. God Tools is just another way we are seeing technology help advance God’s kingdom.

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