“The Audition” Makes Its Debut

August 23, 2011

Mobile computing has made sharing video and film content easier than ever before. You can share a video on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo and many more places. The door is also wide open for creating great content that can open dialog about life, God and the meaning of life.

Keynote has been engaged in creating short films that can be used in various contexts to create interest in spiritual things. The 2011 Keynote Summer Project hosted a film track where students learned about film, communication and using their platform for ministry. The result was a short film about emotional honesty called “The Audition.”

The students put together a short-film outreach using “The Audition” in context with several other films. After each film, one of the students invited the audience to engage in conversation about the film by asking questions – What did you think of the film?; What do you think was happening?; Which character do you most identify with?; etc.

As the films progressed the questions brought out more vulnerable answers as people began considering deeper issues of faith. At one point the emcee told a related story from his own life that helped unpack the gospel. All along the way, the audience was engaged and participating. At the end of the evening the team passed out response cards inviting even more communication. When the cards were returned at least two people had indicated a decision to trust Christ! And the students were able to see how God had used their efforts this summer to bring about life change.

The students used the following films in this order. The first film is a fun film to kick-off the evening.

What’s Wrong with this picture?
Match Scratch Fever
The Audition
Select Fit
La Búsqueda – The Search
La Liberté de l’Interieur – Freedom Within

A short film outreach can be built easily by selecting films that build on each other and allow for good dialog. Or use a short film on your smart phone or iPad as an opening for conversation about spiritual things. For more resources check out the Global Short Film Network.