The Power of Story: I Am Second

November 17, 2011

Stories are powerful. They inspire us. They make us cry. They move us to action.

“I Am Second” is harnessing the power of storytelling to redeem lives by giving hope to the lonely and hurting, help from destructive lifestyles and inspiration to the unfulfilled. This movement of online short films, founded by Norm Miller, is impacting people across the nation with stories of life change. Each story ends with the idea that Jesus is first and I am second.

The Cru ministry at Purdue University invited Keynote to help produce their own versions of “I Am Second” (IA2) videos using Purdue students and faculty. In September, Keynote staff members Lindsay Smith, Stephen Haddenhorst and Andrew Corbitt went to Purdue for two long days of shooting. Lindsay walked each person through his or her story while processing how it would transfer to film. Stephen and Andrew handled the technical aspects of lighting and filming. The team captured 12 stories for use at

The response to the videos has been amazing. More than 4700 people visited the site the first week alone. One student was able to explain the IA2 movement to her entire class because her professor had taken notice! Hundreds of spiritual conversations were started and at least a dozen IA2 groups were started on campus. These groups are essentially Bible studies that challenge students to live out what they learn by actively engaging others in the gospel.

Ryan, a Cru staff member at Purdue, told us recently, “I think it’s stretching our movement in cool ways…making students think externally and missionally about reaching those around them instead of hoping they will come to our groups.”

This is exactly what we want: young Christians owning their faith and introducing others to Jesus. These films are resourcing and inspiring them to do just that.

Do any of the “I Am Second” videos resonate with you? Let us know in the comments below.