Friday Flashback – Ministry for Dummies

November 25, 2011

[In 2011 Keynote celebrates 45 years of ministry. We thought we would use our Friday posts to look back on God’s faithfulness through the years.]

As one of the nation’s premiere ventriloquists, David Pendleton will make you believe anything can talk. A 20-year veteran entertainer, David’s humor and stellar technique keeps audiences laughing from start to finish.

David brings to his show a wide range of comedic characters including lovable but blunt Aunt Tilly, a 94-year-old spinster, quick-witted trouble-maker, Mack Elroy with his laid-back sidekick, Buford the Beagle, and, rounding out the cast, Vern, a slightly misguided albino vulture. Throughout all his high-energy entertainment, David mixes in humorous truths of God’s plan for our lives.

In 2001, David brought his talents and heart for ministry to Keynote after serving for more than 14 years with the Campus Ministry of Campus Crusade. Performing for a variety of audiences including military personnel, executives, college students and prisoners, David uniquely presents the gospel (below) using Aunt Tilly as an illustration.

In recent years, David has focused much of his outreach ministry with the Bill Glass prison ministry seeing thousands of prisoners respond to the gospel message.

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