Friday Flashback – The Boyds Begin a Legacy of Ministry

December 2, 2011

[In 2011 Keynote celebrates 45 years of ministry. We thought we would use our Friday posts to look back on God’s faithfulness through the years.]

In 2004, Keynote staff members, Bruce and Julie Boyd began adding their three sons, Brandon, Shaun and Ryan to some of their concerts. Each of the boys played an instrument – bass, drums and guitar, respectively. An opportunity to go to the Middle East for outreach concerts in schools came up so they packed their bags and headed out for an amazing adventure.

The band performed multiple evangelistic concerts each day, using their own stories of forgiveness as a platform to tell people about Jesus. The response was incredible. More than 1000 people indicated first-time decisions to trust Christ at their concerts that first year.

The Boyds have returned to the same country multiple times, the first few times as The Boyd Family Band with all five performing and, most recently, as 3Union with only Brandon, Shaun and Ryan performing. Bruce and Julie handle all the details and watch in amazement as they see God work. Each year the response to the gospel was incredible with more than 15% of their audiences indicating a desire to begin a relationship with Jesus.

During the first tour in 2004, “Ada,” a student in one of the schools, accepted Jesus as her personal Lord and Savior after attending The Boyds performance. Since that time, she has remained steadfast in her faith. The concert host shared with the band that “Ada” is still in contact with them on almost a weekly basis. Currently she‘s working at the Bible Society in her country. Hearing that The Boyds were back in the country [October/November 2011], she came to see them and saw 3union perform at her school. It was a sweet reunion!

Just before the band left a few weeks ago their host told them, “Students still remember you since your first visit in 2004. In fact, whenever we take a team to the schools, the first question they ask is, ‘Are you bringing the Boyds?’ The impact you have left on students here has been significant.”

Significant life-change didn’t just happen at concerts either. In 2006, while the band was on the way to play at an orphanage, they stopped at a snack place where they met “Sarah” (from a Muslim Background). She was one of 2 wives married to a husband who treated her in a very demeaning way. The band’s concert host ended up telling her about Jesus, and they left some materials with her. Later that day, on the way home from the concert, they stopped back to see her and immediately noticed a different countenance on her face. Turns out, she had read the 4-Laws booklet and prayed to receive Christ on her own. In tears she shared with them how her entire attitude toward her husband had already begun to change! On this recent trip, the hosts told The Boyds that they always try to visit her whenever their travels take them that direction. She is always thrilled to see them and seems to be doing well in her walk with the Lord.

You can read more about the Boyds’ recent trip to the Middle East here.

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