Friday Flashback – Imagine the Possibilities

December 16, 2011

[In 2011 Keynote celebrates 45 years of ministry. We thought we would use our Friday posts to look back on God’s faithfulness through the years.]

Keynote Office from 1992-2006

After 14 years of centralized ministry in Carmel, IN, Keynote’s Worldwide Ministry Center was established in 2006. We moved from a large house to a 19,000 square foot office facility in Westfield, IN.

For the next ten months, the Keynote artists continued rehearsing and recording at the old office while East Street Studios was being built. This 23,000 square foot facility includes rehearsal space for bands, a recording studio and a 12,000 square foot event space for concerts, conferences and training events.
The first official “event” in the new facility was the 2007 Keynote Summer Project which included the Impact Music Summer Project, a partnership which began in 2005. Classes for all the students took place at East Street Studios and the bands for both Keynote and Impact prepared their programs in the rehearsal rooms surrounding the main meeting space.

East Street Studios

Keynote Worldwide Ministry Center - 2006-Present

Shortly after moving into the new office space in 2006, the Keynote staff took time to rejoice in God’s provision and dream about the possibilities the added space could bring. Here are a few of the things written on “memorial/vision” stones that day:

  • I see multiple languages spoken in the office
  • International training conferences for music/worship leading
  • Keynote bringing the good news globally via internet strategies
  • Independent Short-Film studio
  • Keynote being an influence for Christ in Westfield, IN
  • We’ve already seen incredible opportunities for ministry through Keynote Summer Projects, communication training conferences, music and video recording, international summits, and much more. We look forward to even more opportunities in the years to come!

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