The Power of Simple Things

January 10, 2012

Sometimes the simplest things we do make a great difference in another person’s life. David Pendleton, comedy ventriloquist with Keynote, knows that well.

For over 25 years David has been making people believe anything can talk, sharing the gospel and making people laugh. In that time, he’s received many encouraging comments from audience members. One snowy night after his show, he heard a compliment that he’ll never forget.

A woman approached him with her young daughter, Beth. Beth had a warm smile and was very sweet. The mother told David that she was so glad to be at his show with her two sons and Beth. She said that it was wonderful to be able to laugh together as a family. Her eyes grew misty as she explained that there hadn’t been much laughter for them since her husband had taken his own life.

David turned to Beth and told her how glad he was to meet her. He was struck not only by this child’s unwavering sweetness in the face of such tragedy, but by his own influence as an entertainer. David’s ability to help this family share belly laughs had changed their lives.

Someone could argue that something as simple as laughing together and hearing the gospel together can’t change a life. However, sharing an experience like this creates inroads for conversation. To a family experiencing things that are so difficult to talk about, a comedy show like David’s gave them something to talk and laugh about together and helped begin the healing process.

Stories like David’s encourage and remind us that there is more to ministry than just seeing people come to know Christ (as wonderful as that is). The moments that we comfort, strengthen, and teach others through our ministry are important too.

What seemingly simple thing has someone done for you that made a big difference in your life? Let us know in the comments below.

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