Wonders Never Cease: A Great Book Club Book

February 14, 2012

[From time to time we’ll post about evangelistic resources we recommend. We hope you will find them helpful as you seek ways to engage with today’s culture and introduce people to Jesus.]

Kindle, Nook, iPad, Amazon and public libraries – all evidence that we love to read. Some people love classic literature, others devour historical fiction while still others enjoy a great suspense thriller. And then, we have those who enjoy lighthearted fiction with a little romance.

If you find yourself in that last category, then Tim Downs’ book, Wonders Never Cease is perfect for you. While Tim has been writing fiction for a number of years and may be best known for his “Bug Man” series, this departure from his usual genre is a welcome offering with many layers.

Wonders is filled with intrigue, humor, difficult circumstances, misunderstandings, surprises and hope. But it’s more than just a good book. Running through the pages is a thread of faith. The characters wrestle with their own beliefs as they are confronted with what seems to be impossible. What would they be willing to believe?

“The goal of my writing is to use the power of story to reach across into the secular world. I write what I call “sower’s fiction”—stories that anyone can enjoy reading just for entertainment, but that contain some subtle element of Christian worldview. I wrote Wonders as a satire of spiritual bestsellers like The Secret, and [I think you] will especially appreciate the humorous commentary on the gullible times we live in. Enjoy the book yourself, but when you’re finished be sure to pass it on to your unbelieving family and friends–because I wrote it for them!”
– Tim Downs

Wonders Never Cease would be a great book for a book club with your friends. It’s a quick read because you won’t be able to put it down once you start! The story lends itself well to discussions about life, faith, love and hope. Why not pick up a copy today and consider inviting a few friends to join you?

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