What Is God Writing Through Your Life?

March 8, 2012

Everyone has a story. Some are quite dramatic. God writes each. The story He writes in our lives intersects with His story of redemption. Identifying that story can help us tell others about God’s hope, redemption and love. Helping people uncover God’s story in their lives is part of Keynote’s communication training.

On a recent communication-training trip to Guatemala, Keynote’s three-person team worked with Campus Crusade for Christ staff members who give leadership to over 2,000 volunteers throughout the country. Marielena, veteran speaker and Campus Crusade staff member from Panama, completed the training team as a communications trainer.

During the training a number of the trainees began to uncover compelling stories that God had been writing in their lives. Telling their stories to the class allowed them to see how God can use their stories to impact lives in their country. One of the trainees has a vision to train 100 students in communication and equip 25 of them to become communication trainers.

This training in Guatemala was part of an ongoing chain that started in Panama in 2008 when Oliver Marin asked Keynote to send a team to train staff members in his country. His dream was to establish a training center and resource people throughout central and South America. In 2009 a second Keynote team went to Panama to conduct additional training for the staff members who took the 2008 training so they could train others.

Last year, a few of those same Panamanian staff members joined Keynote staff members for communication training in Guatemala. Some of these Guatemalans returned for this most recent training so they can become communication coaches and trainers. The chain continues.

We love equipping others around the world to communicate the life-transforming message of Jesus Christ with excellence. Thank you for partnering with us in this essential ministry!

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