Discovering Your Story

July 24, 2012

Have you ever thought about your story – something God is writing through your life? Perhaps your story involves a big event or maybe it’s more thematic over time: snapshots that reveal something about God.

One of our passions at Keynote is helping people discover stories from their lives to help start spiritual conversations that introduce people to Jesus. Your best story may be how you realized your own need for Jesus and His forgiveness, like Didi from Bulgaria.

Raised in an atheist home by a family who toed the communist party line, Didi asked major questions like “what’s the meaning of life?” and “what happens to you when you die?” Unable to find satisfying answers and living without hope, Didi decided to end her life and jumped out of a 6th story window. God had other plans. She survived the fall and during her month-long recovery in the hospital, Didi became friends with her nurse…who happened to be a Christian. The nurse became a family friend and eventually led Didi and her mother to Christ.

Didi was one of the 20 Bulgarian Campus Crusade for Christ staff members, church leaders and college students at our communication training in Sofia last month. It was a privilege equipping them to share the gospel through their stories.

Many of these same staff and students will have their own summer outreach events and use what they learned. The Bulgarians were so thrilled with the training that they’re already dreaming of how to provide our communication training for more Bulgarian missionaries. They also have ideas about modifying the training so it can be used as an outreach to non-Christians.

If you’ve never really thought about what God might be writing in and through your life, take some time today to reflect and identify some “snapshots.” Is there a theme that links them together? Or perhaps your story is more like Didi’s. Ask God to show you how He can use your story to help others see Him more clearly.

We’d love to know about your story. Let us know by leaving a comment below.