What Exactly is MissionHub?

October 23, 2012

MissionHub is an online software created to track those who have indicated an interest in growing spiritually. It streamlines the process staff members go through to care for those they’re trying to reach with the gospel. New contacts are often entered in mobile phones, sometimes overlooked among dozens of other contacts, or organized on handwritten contact cards, which can easily be lost.

Developed by Cru in partnership with Keynote, MissionHub allows staff members to manage contacts electronically instead, accessing them both online and on-the-go through smart phone applications.

“It’s software that’s helping [staff members] care more effectively for the ones they’re trying to reach,” says Cru’s National Director of Technology for The Campus Ministry. “This isn’t just a software tool for the sake of technology. Our staff members have busy lives. We know that. Our desire is to give them a tool to become more effective at what they’re trying to accomplish.”

One area where MissionHub’s effectiveness will serve staff members is after large numbers of new contacts are collected. Instead of typing each person’s name and phone number into a mobile phone, or spelling out the same text message 200 times, Mission Hub can send mass texts for free. This allows staff members to respond more quickly, cutting down response time and giving them more time to focus on people who need Jesus.

For more information or to begin using MissionHub,
visit www.missionhub.com.

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