Sharpening Skills at Comm Lab

April 24, 2013

Comm LabAfter months of planning, preparing and promoting, Comm Lab 2013 became a reality. Between the two week-long events, over forty people from different stages in life gathered in Westfield, Indiana. The attendees learned about topics ranging from philosophy of Christian communication to practical techniques for writing talks. They also practiced delivery skills in personalized small-group coaching sessions. Although each participant went through the same training, their motives for coming were vastly different.

For example, Collin Arledge, Trace Hunt and Jeremy Bollens have big shoes to fill. For years, the Cru movement at Texas Tech has had an outstanding public speaker serving as their team leader. But this year he was called to another ministry role, leaving these three leaders on campus with a deeply felt need to improve their speaking skills.

In North Carolina, Teresa Freeman frequently has public speaking opportunities. She works with Faculty Commons, ministering to college faculty in her area. On the side, she also leads students on a high school speech team. She was drawn to Comm Lab 2013 by a desire to learn skills that would benefit both her and her students.

Learning and practicing alongside the many first-timers were returnees like Becky Alwin, singer for Keynote’s Rhymz Suhreal. “I communicate a lot from the stage, but know that I can always improve as a communicator.” Becky is enthusiastic about the benefits of attending Comm Lab. “No matter what level you’re at, you’ll still be stretched and will grow. It’s a safe and encouraging environment to grow in. The teaching was challenging and rich.”

“We all communicate, and these skills are invaluable,” Teresa adds. “The skills you learn here are skills you need for the rest of your life. You will use them not just for talks or speeches….you will use them in life.”

Thank you for praying for this year’s Comm Lab attendees. We love equipping others with communication tools so they can continue to start spiritual conversations about Jesus. We are eager to hear stories of life change as they implement their new knowledge and skills.

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