Spiritual Conversations in India

November 19, 2013

StoneHundreds of women filled the hall of a women’s college in Cochin, India. Their rainbow of saris transformed the room into a sea of color. During Stone’s concert, lead singer Teresa described her past pain and rejection and how Jesus’ love had given her hope in her darkest hour.

Most of the women were either Muslim or Hindu, so after the band finished playing Teresa plunged into the crowd eager to see what they thought about Jesus. Smothering her with hugs and kisses, the women talked about how great the band was, especially Teresa’s singing. “I really wanted to turn the corner to talk about Jesus with them,” she said.

Stone - On Stage in IndiaAfter a while, about 15 women sat on the floor with Teresa. She asked, “What did you think about what I had to say about Jesus during the show?” Some replied that they liked Jesus, others said He is a good prophet and they pray to Him. Many expressed that it was okay that Teresa had her God and they had theirs. Those answers didn’t satisfy Teresa.

“Women are important to Jesus,” she explained. “He loved, valued and respected them like no one else did. I love you, and I want you to know Him like that. I want to encourage you to read His story and find out more about Him.”

What came next was silence. Silence and smiles.

Stone - From StageThroughout the rest of Stone’s tour, Teresa told other women she met the same thing – women are important to Jesus. In a society where women are often viewed as second-class citizens, this message opened many doors for spiritual conversations.

During their month-long tour, Stone partnered with Indian Campus Crusade for Christ staff members in southern India, shared the gospel with over 7,500 people and took a big first step in helping the Indian staff launch their own music ministry by providing training and resources. One Indian host told the band, “Without you guys, we didn’t have a way onto our campus.”

We are excited about our growing partnership in India! Please pray for the long-term effect of the training and outreach that took place during Stone’s tour, specifically that the women would desire to learn more about Jesus.

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