Starting Spiritual Conversations with Videos and Short Films

January 19, 2014

Using Videos/Short Films to Start Spiritual Conversations

There are so many great videos available online through Vimeo, YouTube and other locations that invite conversation. Some contain the gospel, but many are door-openers to talk about spiritual things. These videos can easily be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or other social media outlets as well as through email and on smartphones or tablets. Here are a few ideas:

Social Media:

Broad audience: Post the video along with a question or phrase about the content.
“When I saw this video I was reminded of my own choices and how they have affected my life.”
“Would love your thoughts on this video.”
“Can anyone else relate to the story in this video?”

Individuals or a smaller group: Post the video to a group page or in a private message and let the person/people know your thoughts about the content. Consider how the video might speak to their current situation. Invite dialog and be ready for their questions or comments.

Face-to-face at coffee shops, on airplanes or other locations:
Keep quick access to some of your favorite conversation starting videos (list of ideas below).

Ask questions like, “Can I show you a video on my [tablet] and get your opinion?” or “I saw a video recently that has some answers to some of the questions you’re asking. Can we watch it together now?”

Video ideas:
Music Box
Falling Plates
Isn’t it Beautiful?
In My Head
A Thousand Words
La Liberté de l’Interieur

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