Comm Training Opens Doors

September 23, 2014

Helping start spiritual conversations about Jesus is the heart of our mission. One way we do this is by equipping others with valuable skills for ministry. This summer, Keynote staff members Dana Russo and Denise DiSarro traveled to Bulgaria for a third installment of Keynote communication training.

On this trip Dana and Denise served as coaches to Bulgarian staff members who had gone through our training previously. These Bulgarian staff members conducted the bulk of the training.

University students came from Sofia and Varna to an English Camp hosted by Campus Crusade for Christ in Bulgaria (Agape) for two weeks of English lessons, career-starting tips, communication training and just plain fun. Two-thirds of the students were not believers. Because the camp was designed as an outreach, the curriculum was adapted to help foster spiritual conversation about Jesus.

During the training one of the students gave a talk about why he believes in creationism. A Bulgarian staff member spoke with him later.

“He has read the Bible and thinks that it’s true. He said that when he started living according to some of the principles there, his life changed…He thinks that in the beginning God created everything in the universe to move in a certain way and now He doesn’t intervene, but when I gave him an example of how Jesus is God’s intervention in the world he was nodding in agreement.”

A dialogue began. Seeds of truth were planted. Please pray that God will bring other people into this young man’s life – people who can help him discover more of God’s truth so that he will embrace Jesus.

As part of the communication training Dana taught the “story classes,” which present a natural opportunity to talk about God and His role in our lives.

She reflected,

“In teaching the story classes, I presented three snapshots of my life. It was useful to demonstrate what we would require from each student, but also afforded me the chance to speak about God in a very personal, practical way. The next day we dissected my story as a model of how to piece together their own story. To their surprise, they remembered my snapshots in great detail and grasped more than just words. This is the magic of stories.”

Perhaps the students will continue to ponder the snapshots from Dana’s story as well as those from the other believers’ stories. Pray that the Lord will use these snapshots to draw the students to Himself.

The Bulgarian staff members are now fully equipped communication trainers. And they have already begun training others to become trainers! We love being a part of equipping people around the world as they seek to make the name of Christ known in their spheres of influence.

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