Oct 6 2012


bsn-candid2blue sky nine was an Indiana-based acoustic rock band from 2004 to 2011.

Over the course of our time together, we played hundreds of shows, traversed the continental U.S. dozens of times, and travelled hundreds of thousands of miles. We spent more nights in guest bedrooms and on couches and in hotel beds and on air mattresses than any of us would care to recall. We got overseas a handful of times as well, doing concert tours in Albania, Macedonia, Egypt, South Korea, Mongolia, and Romania.

Along the way, we met some of the nicest, most generous people on this planet who sheltered, fed, loved and encouraged us in our work. And on every tour stop, we got to talk with people and take a few steps along their spiritual journey with them. Not sure what that means? Check out this video.

We played our final show together on May 27th, 2011 to a couple hundred friends at East Street Studios, our ‘home’ off the road. We ended our time just as we’d begun; as friends who loved creating music and who loved telling the story of how our lives have been changed by Jesus Christ.

While we’re no longer together, we left this site up as an archive of some stories, music and video content from our last couple of years on the road.  After blue sky nine ended, guitarists Ethan Ehrstine and Scott Naylor went on to form The Gap Theory.  Check out their site for what they’re up to now.

Feel free to poke through the archived blog entries, listen to music, or check out videos. We had a great run, and we’re glad you stopped by.