And the Gift Goes On…

July 6, 2010

In 1998 Keynote sent a team to Singapore to teach our communication training to Campus Crusade for Christ staff members from five different countries. The goal was to equip them to train others in the art of creative, effective communication.

Abraham George, Campus Crusade staff member in India was one of those who received the training. Recently he was able to pass along the things he learned to others in Northern India.  Here is an excerpt from his newsletter:

It was an excellent experience… very knowledgeable and practical. It has inculcated within me the confidence to make eye contact with my audience when I sing or talk to them,” shared Suzanna, one of the eight who were handpicked for the first phase of the Communication Training we offered to young worship leaders of different churches.

Athing, a pastor shared, “At first I thought it is just one of the many other seminars I have attended, but when I was taken through interesting topics like Facial expressions, gestures, eye contact, I said WOW!”

The Comm drills were so exciting and nerve racking, at the same time,” beamed another trainee, referring to the practical workshops after the theory was explained.

Over a rigorous weekend, we were able to help these young people prepare themselves better to communicate the gospel creatively and also coached them to write their talks to effectively reach out to their peers and also masses at large. This training has been a very effective tool in our ministry and has been adapted from the Keynote training material.

As always, Keynote is thrilled to partner with other ministers of the gospel around the world to help them build spiritual movements so that everyone knows someone who truly follows Jesus. Thanks for your partnership with us! You are making a difference all over the world!

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