What Does It Really Mean To Sin?

October 21, 2012

The Gap Theory-HindustanKeynote band The Gap Theory recently returned from an incredible tour in India where they had the opportunity to share the gospel with over 7,000 people through various outreach events. But God also used the individual band members to reach people with the gospel by providing many opportunities for great spiritual conversations. Band member Stephen Haddenhorst recalls one such conversation:


“What does it really mean to sin?” This is a question I discussed with Paul, a young Hindu student at Hindustan University in Chennai, India. At the Gap Theory’s very first concert, I met Paul after the show. He was eager to talk with me about our experience as a band and the steps we took to be where we are now. He desperately wants to pursue a career in music, much to the disapproval of his parents. Knowing that the next day our band would be hosting an all-day training seminar on music and ministry, I invited Paul, hoping to continue the conversation.

Paul was late to the seminar, but he still came. We resumed out discussion of music, and the direction of the talk turned to fame. He was eager to know how to become a famous guitarist. What I told him next floored him: we in the Gap Theory don’t play music for fame, but for the chance to share Jesus with people. After a few seconds, Paul was able to wrap his brain around the concept. I asked him what he thought of Seth’s gospel presentation, to which he said he was very intrigued. He said, “I very much like the idea of Jesus taking away all our sins on the cross.”

“Do you believe that’s true?” I asked.

“Maybe, but I’ve never sinned before.” Of course, this immediately piqued my interest. In probing deeper, he explained that only the “big ones” are sins: murder, stealing, rape, etc. I asked him if he’d ever lied before. He couldn’t deny that, but Paul didn’t believe that lying is a sin. “It can sometimes be used for good.” I challenged with the idea that lying is almost always selfish, a means of saving face at someone else’s expense.

Unfortunately, it was time for the band to leave, so Stephen and Paul’s conversation could not continue much further. Please pray that God would continue to challenge Paul’s perspective on sin and what Jesus did for him on the cross. Pray that this conversation would be just one of many that God uses to bring Paul into a relationship with Himself.

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