Sowing Seeds in Portland

February 20, 2013

Cru Staff Member John Rozzelle“Who is the real God – Allah or the God of the Bible?”

Matthew, a college student in Portland, asked this question. His dad is a Muslim, and his mom is Catholic. While in Jordan last summer with his dad’s family, he read the Quran resulting in more questions about Islam and Christianity.

This situation is not surprising to John Rozzelle, Cru campus staff member in Portland. He believes that the rough spiritual soil in Portland brings unique challenges. As a result, more time is needed to cultivate relationships so spiritual conversations about Jesus can happen.

MissionHub provides that time for John by eliminating piles of administrative work, giving him more time to care for the people who need him most. The result is more effective ministry. “I joined staff to reach people, especially one-on-one,” explained John. “Instead of doing admin, I can actually use my time to meet with students!”

John’s ministry team also realized that when they met nonbelievers on campus for the first time, follow-up sometimes fell through the cracks. John credits MissionHub with organizing his contacts and preventing him from losing touch with students – students like Matthew.

John and Matthew have been meeting for a few months to talk about Islam and Christianity. Matthew is still exploring and continues to trust John to help him navigate through the Bible. Now, Matthew is asking, “What will happen if I become a Christian and disappoint my Muslim relatives?”

Thank you for helping us create digital resources that help people like John have spiritual conversations about Jesus with students like Matthew. Please pray with us that Matthew begins a relationship with Jesus this semester and is motivated to share his journey with others.

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