Bulgaria Revisited

August 28, 2013

Denise-Comm Coaching in BulgariaVili was terrified. Her arms stuck to her sides as she stood in front of the crowd. After attending Keynote’s communication seminar in Bulgaria last year, she lost her fear of public speaking. Inspired to give others the same opportunity, she joined two other co-workers last month to be trained in communication coaching.

Between 12 and 20 leaders from local churches and ministries gathered for the five day seminar to learn and practice principles of effective communication.

Emil Georgiev, the team leader of Cru’s affiliate ministry in Varna, Bulgaria, is a big fan of Keynote’s communication training. “This [is a] unique topic that nobody covers in Bulgaria,” he explained. “I know that there is a big need of this for Bulgaria, so as a team leader I suggested to two people from the staff here in Varna to take the course. I want them to be prepared to teach others how to be effective communicators, and I’m glad that God put in their hearts a desire for this.”

Using the writing and speaking skills they had practiced all week, the trainees shared stories of what God is doing in their lives. After they gave their final talks at the end of the week, their faces exuded the joy of accomplishment.

Emil and his team are also transforming the training material into an outreach for university students. Since Bulgarians are much more open to hearing the gospel in the context of a friendship, the new coaches will offer ongoing mentoring after teaching a seminar. “It’s going to be one more tool to reach the students, to get to know them better, to create friends among them, and it’s a good background to share the gospel with them later,” explained Emil.

Check out the video below to see more highlights from this trip.

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