Light in a Dark World

September 27, 2013

“Thanks for making me feel human!”

Kevin, an inmate at a correctional facility in Florida, wrote the comment above on his card after hearing Rhymz Suhreal this summer. He is one of more than 2000 inmates who heard the gospel during the band’s tour. More than 150 of the men indicated a first-time decision to follow Jesus. Hundreds more said they want to recommit their lives to Jesus’ lordship.

Bringing the light of Jesus – the hope of the gospel – to prisoners, international students, inner-city dwellers and others is the mission of Rhymz Suhreal.

“It is a privilege to sow seeds of life and shine a light that can reach down into the shadows of people’s hearts – into the darkness of daily existence, the regret of choices. These prisoners are identified as numbers, but we can help them realize that they are valuable, that they are human. They can be adopted sons and daughters of the King.” said Zak Alwin, co-leader and songwriter for Rhymz Suhreal.

On the other side of the world, 3union told students in Australia about the good news of Jesus. They worked with Darren and Judy Hamilton of Creative Arts Ministry (CRAM), furthering a partnership begun in 2002. Most events were for public schools where there is freedom to present the gospel as part of a program.

The team presented the gospel to more than 2500 students and 551 indicated a first-time decision to surrender to Jesus. Another 41 students said they would like more information about a relationship with God.

The church in Australia faces the challenge of remaining relevant in a quickly changing culture. While over 2/3 of Australians identify themselves in some way as Christian, only 10% regularly attend church, and increasing numbers have negative attitudes toward the church’s perceived intolerance and authoritarianism.
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As we come alongside the church and Campus Crusade for Christ Australia with bands like 3union, we can help students see that Jesus is not only relevant, but passionate about knowing them. Because of Jesus, the lost are found, prisoners are set free and the hopeless find hope.

Thanks for your partnership with us! You are a key part of every event, every spiritual conversation and every changed life.

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