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November 2, 2011

Studies have shown that 70% of children of prison inmates also go to prison. Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) is working to change those heartbreaking odds. The children of inmates, who struggle with a slew of issues that never even cross the minds of other children, need to be reached with the love of Christ as much as their parents do.

In an earlier post, we wrote about a new partnership with CEF to provide Bible studies to inmates and their children.

Those who enroll receive Bible studies by mail and experience the long-distance fellowship of having someone look over the completed studies and give feedback by hand. The first study the inmates receive at Keynote’s performances is critical because its message is tailored to speak to their circumstances. The message strikes at the core of where the men or women are: “You didn’t expect to end up in prison, but here you are. What will you do about it?”

The study shares the gospel with them and they have the freedom to pore over what they read and digest it. Many of the inmates then decide to enroll their children in the program to receive studies geared to their unique circumstances. The children’s studies take quite a bit of thought as complex issues and emotions confront children with parents in prison. They cover issues like anger, separation, fear, shame and potential gang involvement the children may face. As a result of the studies, life-changing events often begin to take place.

One father in particular signed his little boy up for the program and God changed the boy’s life forever through it. When he first started to receive the studies in the mail, he was confused and a little suspicious of them, but he decided he’d give them a try.

The studies slowly began to transform his young heart. Before long he had accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior and was going to church. He started sharing his faith with his friends at school. Years after starting the CEF studies his faith continues to grow.

Stories like this one are especially encouraging to the people at CEF and Keynote. While many people are sent to prison every year, hope is still available to them. When God works through partnerships like Keynote and Child Evangelism Fellowship, great things can happen.

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