God Tools and a Buddhist Monk

October 24, 2013

Knowing God PersonallyThe Lord is using God Tools to reach people for Christ around the world. Recently Eric, a Campus Crusade staff member in southeast Asia, spoke with Arun, a Buddhist monk (for security reasons their names have been changed). They conversed easily about travels and beautiful places. After a time, Arun said he needed to go to the temple and pray.

Immediately Eric thought, “I should not let go of this opportunity, help me God.” He asked Arun to stay for a while so he could explain why he shared about these beautiful places. He said, “There is God, the most High God, who created all of these and I would like to share more about Him to you. He is Jesus Christ. Would you like to know Him personally?” Arun agreed.

Eric opened the God Tools app on his phone and began sharing a gospel presentation called Connecting with God. Because Arun spoke limited English, Eric asked a nearby student leader (a believer with a Buddhist background) to serve as interpreter.

When Eric reached the part of the app shown above, Arun expressed a desire to be forgiven and have Jesus direct his life. He prayed in his own language. Eric asked, “Where is Jesus Christ right now in relation to you?” Arun answered, “In my heart.”

Through the power of God’s Word and the ministry of His Spirit, Arun understood his need for forgiveness through Jesus. God worked through Eric as he took a step of faith and responded to the Spirit’s leading.

Since its release in 2010, God Tools has been downloaded more than 100,000 times in more than 180 countries. Some of these countries are considered “limited access” or “closed.” Would you consider joining us in praying for one or more of these countries during this next year? Click here to see a map and a list of countries. Let us know in the comments which one(s) you choose.

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